Acessa Health Client Reviews

My grandmother knew something was wrong. My mom went through the same thing and ended up having a hysterectomy. I was only 29 when I was diagnosed and hysterectomy was not an option I wanted to consider. First, I tried major surgery instead. Not only was it painful and the recovery time was long, but the fibroids grew back. So the next time around, I got the Acessa Procedure for fibroids. I was back on my feet in a matter of days after my Acessa procedure with Dr. Jessica Shepherd, and have never felt better. I have the best period of my life, it only lasts 5 days! The Acessa Procedure was life-changing for me.

Chanel H., Texas

After multiple visits to several doctors, procedures that didn’t offer relief, yet left with me lifelong physical scars as reminders, I became my own health advocate. I actually found Dr. Hawkins through online research, while sitting in another doctor’s waiting room. Dr. Hawkins saw me right away and told me since there were so many fibroids in my uterus, the failed IVF I had, would never have worked. There was no room for a baby to grow! I had the Acessa procedure shortly after and it successfully shrunk the fibroids. Even the one large one previous doctors told me they’d never be able to get to with their surgical tools shrunk with Acessa. Now I can finally plan my life outside a doctor’s office.

Christina K., Georgia:

I am still in my healing process and am excited to see my belly that was once protruding full of fibroids NOW getting smaller as the “ablationed” fibroids slowly leave my body. The excitement I have has inspired me to share the miracle of Acessa to friends, family and ANY stranger I could find who lives with Fibroids. Before I did not tell folks that I was dealing with Fibroids but NOW I tell everybody. I’m a walking billboard and Influencer.

One final thought that I want to share. As prevalent as Fibroid tumors are among Black Women you OFTEN hear women tell their stories of how they had to give up their womb to save their life. Hearing these powerful women show just a little sadness or lack of control in their life that they could not keep their womb has had an effect on me. After experiencing Acessa I love being a messenger to my sisters that they can keep their womb and have CONTROL of their female health. It’s powerful to tell women THEY COULDN’T TAKE MY WOMB and THEY CANT TAKE YOURS. Thank you Acessa for this little bit of Black Woman empowerment.

Patrice D.

The Acessa treatment was great! I had heavy, crampy periods and discovered i had fibroids. I did not want to have an invasive treatment such as a hysterectomy to treat my fibroids so the Acessa treatment was right for me! Afterwards my periods were much, much lighter and I experienced less cramps and my OBGYN said my uterus was no longer enlarged by the fibroids. I would recommend the Acessa treatment.

Kenyetta Jackson, Chicago