A Fibroid Patient’s Symptoms

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What are some symptoms indicating you may have fibroids? Watch this video to hear one women’s story of how she discovered she had fibroids, and what problems started to arise prompting her to see a doctor.

In this case, we have a 50 year-old woman with four children, originally from Northern California. In 2007, her work required her to relocate to Florida for approximately one year. Once there, she started having issues with bleeding, so severe as she describes, “On a scale of 1 to 10, it was probably a 14.”

Being new to the area, she did not have a doctor locally, but had previously seen a doctor in California who recommended she have a hysterectomy. She felt that this was not an option for her. While in Florida, she visited another doctor about her symptoms, who also recommended a hysterectomy.

One day while listening to the radio, she heard a commercial for a clinical study on fibroids. She already knew she had fibroids, as they were previously detected in x-rays and suspected to be the cause of her symptoms. This commercial prompted her to call the number and receive the treatment she needed to resolve her problems and give her a peace of mind.

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