About the post-market clinical studies page:

Halt Medical, Inc. believes in the importance of patient-centered outcomes research and the continued study of uterine-conserving procedures. To offer patients the best treatment alternatives, clinicians need to 1) be aware of all treatment alternatives, and 2) be provided with adequate safety, efficacy, and cost data. To achieve this, Halt Medical is listing several post-market studies that compare available uterine-conserving procedures that are considered the standard of care within the gynecology community. Providing gynecologists with these data in turn allows them to adequately inform their patients of the risks, benefits, and costs of the various treatment alternatives for symptomatic uterine fibroids. We invite you to read a brief description on each of the post-market studies using the Acessa System. You may also refer to www.clinicaltrials.gov for further information about the Halt Medical studies.