An Acessa Patient’s Experience

As with any medical procedure, not knowing what to expect, you may have questions and concerns. If you are considering having your surgeon treat you with the Acessa System, please watch this video. In this video one of our patient’s, Tina, describes her experience the day of the procedure, and shortly thereafter. This may address a few of your concerns and at the same time put your mind at ease.

Outpatient Procedure

You will discover, as Tina did the day of her treatment, before the procedure takes place all your questions will be answered. She spoke with her doctors and they explained to her exactly what was going to happen. Soon after meeting with her doctors, she went into the outpatient surgery center for the Acessa Procedure and everything went great! Tina had experience with other surgical procedures, because she had a Caesarean section when one of her children was born. Her memory of that procedure was not positive because the doctor had to make a large incision in her abdomen, and as a result she had a lot of pain and a long recovery period. However, with the Acessa Procedure, she went in relaxed, and with a piece of mind knowing she wasn’t going to have a large incision made this time. Her recollection of the procedure was as easy as going to sleep, waking up, and walking out on her own.

Rapid Recovery

Following the procedure she merely rested for a couple days, and noticed her bleeding had stopped almost immediately. Tina describes how her bleeding issues had gone on for well over 2 years, making her everyday life almost unbearable. Even the simplest of tasks, such as going to the grocery store, were made difficult. After surgery, the suffering just went away, changing her life forever and for the better. She highly recommends this procedure to anyone suffering from the symptoms of uterine fibroids.

Learn More About the Acessa System

If you, or someone you know, would like more information on the Acessa Procedure or to locate a physician near you, please call Acessa Health at 877.412.3828, or click here to learn more about this new fibroid treatment.

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  1. Joanna
    Joanna says:

    I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Dr. Bruce Lee for developing Acessa. 4 years ago I had a fibroid greater than 9cm in size and it was making my life miserable. I experienced prolonged and excessive bleeding every time I had my period, anemia (as a result of the out of control bleeding), constipation and diarrhea (due to the pressure the fibroid was putting on my intestinal tract), and a constant urge to pee (because my bladder was being squeezed & smashed). In short, I was one miserable person. My doctor told me I needed a hysterectomy but I really did not want to undergo such a drastic procedure if there was a good alternative. After reading everything I could find about how to treat fibroids I decided on Dr. Lee’s procedure. Luckily I was a good candidate. I had the Acessa operation in 2015. Within one month of the operation my period returned to a more normal pattern, my abdomen softened and felt more normal, and the pressure on my bladder and intestines was greatly relieved. It took about a year for my body to go completely back to how it had been prior to the fibroid. And now I feel so well that it is easy to forget how I felt when the fibroid was out of control. I now enjoy doing all of the activities which had been curtailed before. The scars from the procedure are so minimal that they are difficult to find. I highly recommend the Acessa procedure if you are a good candidate. And I would like to send a big shoutout of thanks to Dr. Lee!


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