Uterine Fibroid Symptoms Quiz

Is The Acessa Procedure Right for Me?

Fibroids are extremely common –up to 3 out of 4 women develop one or more fibroids during their reproductive years. Often, there are no symptoms. But for those women who experience symptomatic fibroids, these can be debilitating; it’s important to see a doctor to determine if you have fibroids and if the Acessa procedure may be right for you.

Take this brief quiz to help you determine if you have any of the common symptoms of fibroids.
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1.) My menstrual periods are typically heavy:


If You Have Fibroids: Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Here Are Some Tips That Will Make it Easier For You to Talk to Your Doctor:

Doc Questions

  • Bring someone else with you. It helps to have another person hear what is said and think of questions to ask.
  • Write out your questions ahead of time, so you don't forget them.
  • Write down the answers you get, and make sure you understand what you are hearing. Ask for clarification, if necessary.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions or about where you can find more information about what you are discussing. You have a right to know.

Specific Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Your Fibroids

Doc Questions

  • What are fibroids and what causes them?
  • What treatment options are available?
  • What medications are available to me?
    • What are the benefits/side effects of these medications?
    • Will these medications interact with other medications, over-the-counter products, or dietary/herbal supplements that I am already taking?
  • What surgical or minimally invasive treatment is appropriate for me?
    • Why do you recommend this option?
    • What should I do to be ready for treatment?
    • What is involved with this treatment and how long will it take?
    • What are the risks and side effects?
    • How quickly can I return to normal activities, such as work or exercise?
    • What is likely to happen without treatment?
    • Are there any alternative or complementary therapies that will help me?

Specific Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Life After Your Fibroid Treatment

Doc Questions

  • How will my fibroids and the treatment affect my fertility and sex life?
  • What are the chances my fibroids will come back after treatment?
  • How will I know that my treatment has been effective?
  • What is my expected prognosis?
  • How often will I need checkups?

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